Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why I hate MySpace

Okay, one of the reasons, one of the many reason, I hate MySpace and it's vomitous waste of time and talent is the ads that run non-stop with some obnoxious SPAM like banner. "Put the lipstick on the woman before time runs out and win a car!" But I almost poo'd myself the other day when the "Shoot the Rapper" banner ad came up. The cross hairs are supposed to look like camera but it seems pretty obvious as the African American cartoon figure shimmies across the screen that you're trying to shoot the rapper. Disgusting. Since then I've seen two others. Am I the only one that finds this f'n disturbing?


Ferg said...

You can blame society, but don't blame myspace. The people who developed myspace poured hours and hours and hours into it's development, and need that time investment to turn into to dollars - not to mention the ongoing cost of running a site with that kind of traffic. Now that whomever purchased myspace purchased it (was it Google?) for umpteen million dollars, they need a return, too.

In the end, they provide the service (which I find simultaneously insidious and infectious) completely free of charge. In the past, businesses such as myspace have offered "ad-free" versions at a cost, but the bottom line is that most people, including myself, are no willing to pay for the exact same service just to get rid of the ads, no matter how annoying they are.

Danni said...

As an advertising graduate, I understand their need to fund the site and the economics of selling ad space. I think this ad is disturbing in its message and inappropriate. It's violent and overt in the idea of rap and violence. I don't approve of this ad.I think it's gross.

Ferg said...

My point is that the Ad is there because it works. If you find it gross, blame society, but do not blame myspace for doing what pays the bills.

Danni said...

So..."shoot" a rabbit or "shoot" a kitten but why a human being? I do blame MySpace b/c you can't tell me the ONLY way for them to make money is to sell an ad about shooting a rapper. You could say: No, this doesn't meet our standards. CBS once pulled a Jello-O spot b/c the kids were sitting on the steps inside a house and it was considered unsafe. They're not at the complete mercy of these advertisers.

Ferg said...

They're not at the advertisers mercy, but if the ad didn't work, it wouldn't be there. If you have a problem with this, then the solution is not to get rid of the ad - the solution is get rid of the desire that people have to click on the ad.

Also - this is myspace we're talking about here, which, honestly, I find more disgusting than the ad itself. Look how many "friends I have!!! It's like high school on steroids.

And...If you find the ad so disgusting - why not send a message to myspace by not going there anymore?

nyactor said...

Yea MySpace came in and took far as traffic goes!!! Plus they're making ALL that money!!!
I feel like I'm striking against MySpace. I found Yuwie where it's more of a real community and they actually share their revenue with you!!!