Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Clip Art Image of the Day with caption: Medusa in a Swimsuit

Happy 85th, Gmom!

Gmom a few weeks ago on my visit home, stylish at 84.

My beloved Gmom Edna Mae, Special Ed as we call her, turns a beautiful 85 today. I love you!!

I have this great Polaroid of me as a baby - and grant you I wasn't the towering 5'2" I am today - dwarfing her lap (she's tiny) and receiving a bottle. Once, when they still lived in their home in Lincoln and I was caring for them, I brought up a great big load of laundry. She threw her hands down in her lap and said, "All the time we took care of you, I never thought the day would come that you would be taking care of us." I think of that photo now, how we both looked so small, and how much I miss being there to fold her clothes.

But all I need is a 7-day hit of Cipro

I think my political views are well know to readers of this blog, friends, the guy at the grocery store, some bozo in line at the DMV once. But let me just say I'm committing to a series of essays on universal health care. Call me a pinko-commie, socialist, what you will - I will appreciate it. Having gone through parts of life without insurance, I have always treasured it like a gift. I currently have a kidney and bladder infection and have been calling around for the cheapest antibiotics. I called my doctor and begged for a script or samples without the office visit - but since it's so bad I have to go in anyway. Fortunately they're going to comp me a culture, the doctor won't actually see me. I've been sick for like 5 days (ladies, anyone had one of these? 5 days is a decade) and I'm a grumpy biatch and sleeping about non-stop. Man, it's gotta get better than this somehow.

Song of the Day: Unsquare Dance

Yesterday blew. Like a daytime hooker over the lunch hour. Dave, as some of you may know my obsession, always manages to cheer me up.

Today's Song of the Day is Unsquare Dance from Dave's Time Further Out. Check it out, love it, thank him later. Besides, who COULDN'T love a song with Turkey in the Straw written into it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New feature - Random Clip Art Image of the Day

Title: "Man Attacking Butterfly"
Weapon: Sword - wtf, this seems highly inefficient
Thoughts: why why why would you want to attack a butterfly? I am terrified of them and I wouldn't get within 1000 feet of one to try to stab it. Why does this man have a nose like Gargamel and long red hair?
Why I found this: I was looking to find an eps of a raincoat for a new cartoon I'm writing...need to refine search terms.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Song of the Day: Dr Yang

Today's Song of the Day is Dr Yang. This is just a fun, funky song of the "real" new Ben Folds album "Way to Normal." A version of the album first "leaked" onto the internet with variations of songs featured on the final album - they're both fun. You can also get the alternative album called "Seeds and Stems." This is a really great song for the car.

Some friends, including reader Anthony, have attended the new concert and said he's amazing. Too bad Denver isn't on the list. * tear *

Such a painful trip, to find out if this was it

Despite the painful realities of my unemployment, I've had a week of rather ethereal reflection. Like every cliche in the book my thoughts keep wandering to boys: past, present, future, and imaginary. Understandably, life has been taking dips out of my self-esteem bucket*. To top it off I found in one week that a good friend is expecting, another has a new fantaboo job and an ex is engaged. I don't know how dudes feel when an ex gets engaged, but for a lady, well - for me, oh sweet Jeebus it hurts! It's not that I ever really thought about our marital coupling, but the indignity of a twisted weasel getting the happy ending before me is, frankly, crippling. The proximety of our lives ensures that I'll get all the details and in case I miss out on something, I'll get an alert from Facebook (you're bastard people!). Why in God's name do we keep emotionally dangerous people on there? I know lots of women that have kept heartbreaks as "Friends," it's like stalking and masochism in one tight little application for the new-age freak.

I'm not being totally honest. I did have daydreams about a terribly romantic ending with him - found having drunk ourselves to death in a Chicago studio in the midst of a movie marathon or something. A castle of blue Skyy bottles surrounding the couch throne, bronzed and amber bottles serving as a the gates, possibly a staff bedazzled with empty Valium bottles, Oh, the sweet joy of just the thought... ** How wrong is it that my first thought was: I am so much prettier than her! Have you ever heard that kind of shit come out of my mouth? What the hell?!

Talking with friends of mine, I think that this phenomenon I'm now calling WedEx, is not relegated to women who are single. Whether it's the one that never worked, or got away, or slept with your best friend - if it left that painful bruise right in the middle of your chest its gonna hurt even if you're fucking Simon Baker.*** In a weird way, I feel like it should free me from that distant thought of connection, and give me the opening to fill it with a new dream. In another way, I feel like the idea forces me to come to terms with my own relationship and it's viability. I won't get the liquor-couch dream by keeping myself unavailable - in love or in the workforce. It's going to force me to change my line of sight from beyond today into the future. Working now on zen centeredness, and quart of strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

* "Leadership and self development class" - complete with graphic; 6th grade
**I'm straight-up ignoring the incredibly disturbing, bubbling self-reflection questions that arise from this scenario.
***Simon, call me

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Song of the Day: Daydreamin'

On this gorgeous, magnificent Denver day - I enjoyed the sunshine and one of the few benefits of unemployment - a mid-afternoon walk. For fun, the Song of the Day is Lupe Fiasco's Daydreamin' Featuring Jill Scott. Enjoy!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Weather update

Yeah....I think I'm good here, thanks.

Good morning god, or good god - morning

Song of the day: First Flight, Blackalicious
Today's song of the day is First In Flight, from the Blackalicious album Blazing Arrow. Just get the whole album - tell me what you think. I already know why I'm listening today.