Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy 85th, Gmom!

Gmom a few weeks ago on my visit home, stylish at 84.

My beloved Gmom Edna Mae, Special Ed as we call her, turns a beautiful 85 today. I love you!!

I have this great Polaroid of me as a baby - and grant you I wasn't the towering 5'2" I am today - dwarfing her lap (she's tiny) and receiving a bottle. Once, when they still lived in their home in Lincoln and I was caring for them, I brought up a great big load of laundry. She threw her hands down in her lap and said, "All the time we took care of you, I never thought the day would come that you would be taking care of us." I think of that photo now, how we both looked so small, and how much I miss being there to fold her clothes.

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