Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am slow

I have been struggling with Blogger and haven't had the time to mess with it. I will work on some new postings but in the meantime check out the new Borderline podcast, #62. Comedic gold. :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vocation Vacation

I was reading an article in the paper last week about these new services popping up that give people the opportunity to take vacation from their real jobs and try out a new one. The article highlighted some young international banker hot-shot who took early retirement at (get this) 42 to become a dog trainer. Next week is a show week, meaning a big trade show occurs next week - this one in Florida. And its times like these that I begin to ponder other careers. At first the idea of PAYING someone to work seemed crazy and in some ways it seems sort of like a let-them-eat-cake pastime for the upper class. But the more I think about it, the more I think what other jobs might I like to try. [wavy dream sequence and harp string music]

  • Nurse: lots of access to doctors, drugs and of course, help people
  • Journalist: go back to the J-School and split my time between advertising and news ed
  • Chef: I don't have that much natural talent or patience, I do like to eat good things tho
  • Restaurant reviewer: see above
  • President: hey, even I could do a better job
  • Inventor: I am forever thinking of cool things that would make me billions of dollars
  • Attorney: enough said I think.
  • Event promoter
  • Horse rider (pro)
  • College professor
  • Forest ranger / guide
Things I would never want to do:
  • Day care provider
  • Winter car wash operator
  • Gardener
  • In-house IT staff person
  • Personal stylist (everyone would end up in jeans and a t-shirt)
  • Butcher (again)
  • Highway construction person
  • Kill mechanic at a processing plant
  • Anything with heavy machinery
How about you?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love Is

An afternoon pick-me-up note from a friend.

"I heart you! Just keep at it and things will get better. Deep breathing. If that doesn't work, go out into the mountains and punch a coyote in the head."

Open the Gaits!

Morning weight: 157.5 pounds

Yesterday's meals (bad):
Breakfast: low-sugar oatmeal with 2/3 cup soy milk
Snack: 15 baby carrots and salsa
Lunch: (yikes) Tin Star chicken and portabella mushroom soft tacos. Initially skipped the soft taco shell and rice, later at the shells separately during a business luncheon. F*ck.
Dinner: (completely unskinned) baked chicken breast, leg, thigh meat (they were so tiny! I swear) extra large salad w/ sprinkle feta cheese and salsa, two or three dill pickles
Walk: 1 hour
Evening: Skinny cafe au lait w/sugar free vanilla shot

I have been attempting to at least walk for an hour a day in addition to trying to get back into shape. I have rediscovered my most belov'ed diet snacks. Dill pickles (cut into four spears) and popcorn. The bad thing is that popcorn smells like ass and makes the apartment gross but Roommate won't have to live with it a long time. Also have been eating salad like a maniac. So hungry! Bah humbug. :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Will this upgrade make me prettier?

I broke down today and bought a used external hard drive in order to back up my Mac - b/c there was no other way to finally get this done. I am seriously considering an Erase and Install and try to really soup up this bad boy. God help my computer b/c I am not the most tech savvy. The upgrade will allow me to Skype into the show and also to be more popular.

Upgrade listening: the new BORDERLINE! Finally out, check it out. This episode features Booming Cave Voice™. Also be sure to check out our new, souped up After the Show section.

UPDATE: Success! Success! I even did a clean install! I am so proud of me. Thanks AirFerg!

Borderline logo drawing by the fantaboo Len of Jawbone Radio.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today begins my 10 months of dieting and losing my unemployment / post college / whiskey-swilling weight. I am just going to rip that band-aid off, no one finds me attractive anyway so who gives a shit. I am going to track my progress on the blog:

Weight: 160
Goal weight: 135 (min)
Deadline: April 1
Help needed: Jackie from that gym show on Bravo

I am tired of being embarrassed of myself and I definitely don't want to feel that way at Kat's wedding. I am hoping to lose 15 at least by Thanksgiving. ugh. My boyfriend, I just found out, is leaving for a month and a half. I wouldn't care but I just started to maybe sort of kind of almost get a little attached and now I have to move out of my apartment and my only other friend is leaving. Maybe I can redirect my energies into exercise. Considering gym membership for pool access.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

You said you were going to NY to be a gymnast

Day 2: NYC.
Temperature: 8 billion degrees
Humidity: 98%
Times I've eaten: twice
Working hours: lots
Initial survery says: NYC is cool
Things I've seen: JK Rowling in a window or someone famous, the Mac underground store off of fifth, Berdorf's actual windows, Central Park, some water, the Hilton, a Trump Tower ironically with a huge for rent space on the first floor of the building
Needed: text messages
Not needed: a sweater
Plans: go to Rockerfeller Center and watch for Conan and / or punch Matt L in the face*

*per request from Lynn