Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today begins my 10 months of dieting and losing my unemployment / post college / whiskey-swilling weight. I am just going to rip that band-aid off, no one finds me attractive anyway so who gives a shit. I am going to track my progress on the blog:

Weight: 160
Goal weight: 135 (min)
Deadline: April 1
Help needed: Jackie from that gym show on Bravo

I am tired of being embarrassed of myself and I definitely don't want to feel that way at Kat's wedding. I am hoping to lose 15 at least by Thanksgiving. ugh. My boyfriend, I just found out, is leaving for a month and a half. I wouldn't care but I just started to maybe sort of kind of almost get a little attached and now I have to move out of my apartment and my only other friend is leaving. Maybe I can redirect my energies into exercise. Considering gym membership for pool access.


Anonymous said...

1. Jackie from that gym show on Bravo is a frightening sheman creature.

2. STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK!!!! - ie: "no one finds me attractive anyway so who gives a shit" I give a shit. You give a shit. You are grade A fox! I believe that you can do this, but beating yourself up is only going to make it harder.

3. Nice work on the install. Behold the power of Tiger... and cheese.

- L

Danni said...

I think Jackie is cool. I am allowed six, count 'em SIX, freebees for your little rant last night.

Today is the start of a new week. Weight updates to come.