Thursday, August 03, 2006

You said you were going to NY to be a gymnast

Day 2: NYC.
Temperature: 8 billion degrees
Humidity: 98%
Times I've eaten: twice
Working hours: lots
Initial survery says: NYC is cool
Things I've seen: JK Rowling in a window or someone famous, the Mac underground store off of fifth, Berdorf's actual windows, Central Park, some water, the Hilton, a Trump Tower ironically with a huge for rent space on the first floor of the building
Needed: text messages
Not needed: a sweater
Plans: go to Rockerfeller Center and watch for Conan and / or punch Matt L in the face*

*per request from Lynn


diane s said...

Ah, a 'When Harry Met Sally' reference, excellent! :)

Lucky you in NYC- JK is there atm, do you think it was her? Exciting!

Sorry it's so darn hot though!

D xx

Danni said...

S/H S/N, I am so glad you got this reference!!! I love this movie.