Thursday, January 17, 2008

Enemy of the Day: Jack Daniels

You sick sick, beautiful man.

The Biggest Boozer, Weak 2:

I only lost about 2.75 lbs, we'll call it 3 to make me feel better. I was a total slacker like 2 nights this week and ate things I shouldn't have. I have been doing well at going to the gym, even when I'm such a whiney bitch I annoy myself. I talked to the bride-to-be last night about it. Weight loss is so hard * stomps feet * I've been doing well at sticking to the Weight Watchers flex points system. This week I have once again confirmed my biggest opponent. It's not pizza, or junk food, or sweets, if I pack meals I do just fine. If I have food ready I'm good to go; I can eat the same meal for months on end, I'm a robot like that. My biggest enemy: booze. It's apt that I am calling this The Biggest Boozer weight loss challenge, b/c a) I don't drink a drink. That would be one thing. I drink loads of drinks. Its easy for me to not drink, but when I do its easy for me to have 6+ drinks. I tried switching to rum and diet Coke (ugh) b/c it has fewer calories than my beloved whiskey. But b) I then also snack, eat junk food, need junk food the next day to help me get right again post-booze. It's a vicious cycle of drinking and eating. I've been doing well to substitute my drinks at Trivia for tall Diet Cokes, it seems like as long as I have one in my hand and a straw I am okay with that. It's going to be a long road to the 30 lbs, but closer to my first 10 lb mark. I have gotten some submissions for ideas on each 10 lb mark, more to come...

7 down, 3 to go to see what whacky thing I do! :o)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

One at a time, PLEASE!

So this morning was my first weigh in on the scale of injustice. Admittedly, deep down, I had really hoped that for the sake of myself and those around me I would have magically lost 20 lbs and my mussy auburn hair had suddenly gone blonde when I looked up in the mirror. I lost 4 pounds. Not a terrible start for week 1 but quite frankly I hoped for more. I feel exponentially better already, making progress, eating the way I actually LIKE to eat and I am looking foward to my gym time at night. Not because I like the way my out of shape body fights but actually I love the way it feels at the end. Hopefully week 2 will yield an even better result; I am definitely shirking on water intake so that is the first thing to work on this week.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Here we go again

Happy New Year to nerdlingers and bumtoots alike. We are gearing up for some Borderline and even a new mini-segment by yours truly.

Song of the Day to ring in the new year: "Night Drive" by Chromatics. Hope everyone had a safe and holiday!