Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Biggest Boozer, Weak 2:

I only lost about 2.75 lbs, we'll call it 3 to make me feel better. I was a total slacker like 2 nights this week and ate things I shouldn't have. I have been doing well at going to the gym, even when I'm such a whiney bitch I annoy myself. I talked to the bride-to-be last night about it. Weight loss is so hard * stomps feet * I've been doing well at sticking to the Weight Watchers flex points system. This week I have once again confirmed my biggest opponent. It's not pizza, or junk food, or sweets, if I pack meals I do just fine. If I have food ready I'm good to go; I can eat the same meal for months on end, I'm a robot like that. My biggest enemy: booze. It's apt that I am calling this The Biggest Boozer weight loss challenge, b/c a) I don't drink a drink. That would be one thing. I drink loads of drinks. Its easy for me to not drink, but when I do its easy for me to have 6+ drinks. I tried switching to rum and diet Coke (ugh) b/c it has fewer calories than my beloved whiskey. But b) I then also snack, eat junk food, need junk food the next day to help me get right again post-booze. It's a vicious cycle of drinking and eating. I've been doing well to substitute my drinks at Trivia for tall Diet Cokes, it seems like as long as I have one in my hand and a straw I am okay with that. It's going to be a long road to the 30 lbs, but closer to my first 10 lb mark. I have gotten some submissions for ideas on each 10 lb mark, more to come...

7 down, 3 to go to see what whacky thing I do! :o)

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Brad P. from NJ said...

Hmmmm... hooch has calories? Who knew?

You're doing well. Remember the big thing. Progress... not perfection... A pound loss, a half pound loss is better than no pound loss.

Just keep hacking at it.