Thursday, January 10, 2008

One at a time, PLEASE!

So this morning was my first weigh in on the scale of injustice. Admittedly, deep down, I had really hoped that for the sake of myself and those around me I would have magically lost 20 lbs and my mussy auburn hair had suddenly gone blonde when I looked up in the mirror. I lost 4 pounds. Not a terrible start for week 1 but quite frankly I hoped for more. I feel exponentially better already, making progress, eating the way I actually LIKE to eat and I am looking foward to my gym time at night. Not because I like the way my out of shape body fights but actually I love the way it feels at the end. Hopefully week 2 will yield an even better result; I am definitely shirking on water intake so that is the first thing to work on this week.

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