Friday, June 30, 2006

I just did some poon

And not in the way that the boys would wish. Tonight I went out with a friend, her boyfriend, and the boyfriend's roomie. The roomie = n'est pas gentil. So my gfriend and her boyfriend took off in a dead we're-gonna-screw- dead run. And I don't blame them! I miss my Frenchman tonight. But they left me with the roomie, who when drunk can either a) come to blows w/said Dannielle and almost did tonight or b) be very nice. So the roommate was left behind; not so coyly grabbing my breasts and hitting on me. And so I decided to leave him, on some random street, asking him, "Are you a man? Are you afraid? Because I'm going home alone but if you're afraid I'll walk with you." With the total intention of ditching this creepy grabbo. So I left him, only two blocks from my house, on my bike, realizing that I HADN'T PAID MY TAB. The horror. I am freely and willingly able to abort the rules when given the chance, but I do not - I repeat, do NOT, leave a tab. So I call 411, got the name of the bar, and apologized. I then disassembled my bike, loaded it up, and drove back. Upon my arrival, the bar tenders were so excited that I came back, the three of us - Elisse, Nick and I - did a "poon tang." Which is like a mixture of some millions of alcohol and Red Bull (gag) but it was actually good. I did the right thing - and was rewarded w/more alcohol! Yeah for honesty!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

RIP, little Dell

I had my brand new Dell laptop for a grand total of...SIX days. And yesterday, as I clicked "GOOGLE" to find a court reporting trade pub, it froze. It didn't just freeze though - even the mouse shut off and it was if I was suddenly in the movie powder. There was a flash of light, and in an instant, I knew that the Dell was gone. We tried to restart but the keyboard wasn't talking to the mother board. We tried to power-restart, to "close it's eyes" if you will. It wouldn't even powder back on. So we let everything sit and cool-down, knowing that these new Intel Centrino dual core mumbo jumbo processors are running really hot. And what did we get therefore? It quickly flashed the Latitude black and white startup, and then, a dark screen with a blinking cursor. The Dell had died, right before my very eyes! I guess if it had to happen, I'm glad it did it now, before I was months down the road and full of files. But now all my email is gone, my work so far, and I gotta be honest, I'm not a happy camper. It's like that new Mac spot with the PC and the Mac, and the PC freezes, "I'll go get IT," I said.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Please don't make me do it

This is my friend Dan, cool name, eh? Dan looks like a nice, normal guy but is actually crazy-go-nuts-university. He is going to run TWO marathons in ONE WEEK this fall. The first is the Chicago Marathon on October 22, the second is in D.C. on October 29. Now, I would usually point and laugh at someone for running on purpose, but Dan is running for the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society through their "Team in Training Program." Dan is going to run in honor of Kirsten, a kindergartener from Lincoln who began her battle with cancer last fall. There is a kickin' site where you can donate to Dan's cause and track his progress...and every move. Let's push him over the top of his goal! Just point me in the direction of the celebratory party b/c I know he'll kick ass.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Congrats to the Keeme

Congrats to the Keeme of the KeemeCast on this weekend's OS #1 wedding and more importantly, on his forthcoming dowry goat.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Halloumi is carried by "Whole Foods" markets!!! I asked the deli counter boy for some, he found one left and told me "I was very lucky." Apparently it's flying off of shelves. I wanted to point out to him that this isn't communist Russia and I wasn't looking for potty paper, I was looking for specialty cheese from Cyprus at a Whole Foods, but I was so excited I wet myself a little and ran to the express lane.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Eat my nummies

B/c I am such a foodie (my new favorite term) these are my picks for nummies for this week:

Halloumi = fucking orgasmic cooking cheese from Cyprus. It's very hard to find, I haven't found anywhere in Denver that carries it yet but it is unbelievably wonderful. I had some at Bristol Farms in Newport Beach and then we bought some to cook. A friend actually did them on skewers with other meats but you can cook it in a pan. It has a more fibrous consistency like tofu without the taste of feet and more like the taste of a first kiss. Find it, try it, love me! Wait, sorry, got carried away.

Mezetta, who makes some of my favorite pre-packaged salad treats is making new (whole clove stuffed) Garlic Olives MARINATED in - get this - brine and Napa Valley Chardonnay. Holy shit they're good; I have quite a few friends who love the gourmet green olives, these are awesome w/out the hassle of blue cheese stuffing.

Smoking Loon Merlot
, a cheap but tasty bottle common in some areas as a nice house red, is a light, nice red to accompany any dinner. I love my chardonnay and if you're serving cold cheese with appetizers like veggies I "suppose" you should serve a white but tempt fate! I dare you. As a poor NOW EMPLOYED I am toasting myself with a nice light glass. I wanted to try some of this Chateauneuf du Pape comme mes amis, c'est trop cher pour cette fille.

Best lunch ever! I had a crab sandwich in Newport Beach with the delovely Shelly from AirFerg I had a traditional broiled crab sandwich that blew away our tiny pea brains, and when picking apart my rich and delicious dish we got the secret! Take sourdough (always best on the West Coast and San Fran, but you can choose a hard white bread, it might even be good with a bagette) and place it open faced on a pan. Baste with butter both sides of each piece of bread. THEN, sprinkle sugar on both pieces of bread. Use a light or lightly seasoned mayo if you choose on top of the sugar; place your cooked crab (we had blue) and place a slice of swiss cheese on each piece of bread. Broil. You will be a happy camper.

I just jammed my pants

Thanks a lot, Jawbone. For the love of pearl run, DON'T walk, to Jawbone Radio podcast. The dynamic duo of Len and Nora has scored an interview with THE Michael J. Nelson of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Don't be a fool, it's so good. Holy chipotle, I have such a crush on this guy.

"Cal honey, put your shoes on, we're at Grandma's. Where can I empty my hat?"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My first day!

Today is my first day! Woot woot! I am very excited but have an unfortunate cough I believe is soley due to my needs for some monkey lungs. I hope that:
  • I don't spill hot coffee on anyone
  • No accidental nervous toots in front of the new staff
  • The Regal Beagle has no problems
  • I kick some ass, of course, but first days are like finding out where paper clips and the potty are
  • My monkey lungs arrive

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Intense body of work

Sunday Lynn and I traversed all 10 blocks down Colorado Blvd in the Regal Beagle to see "BodyWorlds 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies" at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It was definitely an intense experience and while I have been wanting to go for quite some time, had quite an arresting sense of nervousness as we approached the entrance. Among hundreds upon hundreds of other people our group was corraled into a small containment area before entering - and were informed that a) EVERYTHING was real b) we couldn't leave and return c) THE BODIES WEREN'T UNDER GLASS so keep "little ones" from TOUCHING THE BODIES.

Using a resin process called Plastination, Gunther von Hagen preserves the body with striking natural color and form. The bodies on display are quite artfully posed, using a combination of an action with the way in which that particular was dissected. For instance, a woman called "Angel" is posed with her trapezius and shoulder muscles lifted and upheld as wings, exposing inner organs from the back to the front. It was really intersting, and if you have the chance I would definitely encourage you to go. Lynn was more upset by the hair, many bodies still had fingernails, eyebrows, and eyelashes. That made them seem much more real and human. It was really intense and by the end I was quite ready to be gone.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Are you clipping like a bitch?

Last night I made an impromtu visit on the AirFerg Bonus Feed #29. I sound like a bunghole but Ferg and Shelly are so much fun. Check it out. Ack, it's hard to listen to yourself, especially if you're me.

Hands on a miracle

I used to think that making friends was a matter of gregarious and open manner, and a matter of karma. I have discovered it's mostly karma, and I have been mostly spoiled. Guess who's coming to see me! I hope she's fine, and I'm sure she is. Oh yeah! Denver "rulz." Check it baby, we'z going to see the Rockies in action!

Today's Song of the Day, in honor of my guest, is "Hands on a Miracle" by the Foo. The Foo Fighters, come on now. No one NEEDS a link for that. :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taming the beast!

Trying really hard to get back to regular postings - I am in the middle of upgrading my operating system thanks to a gift from some sexy, wonderful friends out west! Love you! This will allow me to Skype into Borderline with a mic instead of participating via phone. It's gonna be grrrrrrrreat!

Monday, June 05, 2006


That's what has become of the Dannielle. I miss my friends, my beautiful friends who care about how I am and, in reciprocity, I care about how they are. Not in a way that you're interested about your great-aunt's aunt's husband, I care that my friends are okay, and not sick and hopefully happy - and if they're not I'll make sure they're okay. We each have our demons, some of us darker and more demonic than others. I am not scared. I was thinking of an ex-lover this week and how it felt to be in his bed. Unfulfilling yet lovely. I was thinking of those times that I hurt myself, hurt others. Today's song is "I Will Follow You into the Dark," by Death Cab for Cutie. I hope my readers are more happy than I this week.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

*happy smile*

Thanks for all of your support!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Arrrrrgh, time for yee to walk the plank

<--- "...and this ma'am, is a crappy logo I did in college..."

I am preparing for my big second job interview today, reviewing my portfolio and trying to find "very casual" but dressy clothes for my Starbucks meeting. So far this morning, I've already smashed my fourth toe, making it turn all purple under the nail, and woke up with pink eye...again! This gal is going to think I'm some kind of one-eyed pirate leper. This morning I woke up extra early, already nervous and kind of excited. I need this job! Oh, I need good luck...and some coffee!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I am OUT OF BED! Whoo hoo!

After returning home Tuesday evening from a trip home over the weekend, I spent almost all of yesterday in bed. I think all of the meds, and sickness, and travel caught up to me. I am out of bed this morning AND I took a shower! Hold the phone, I think it's alive...and ready to kick some ass.

With our hearts together but our hands apart

Today's song of the day might require a little searching, if you need help accessing it, email me. I listened to this song about 100 times on my drive back from Nebraska and it made me think of Lynn and my friends from home. And I cried - a lot. But it's a groovy little ditty. This is from Josh Ritter's first, self-titled album. Today's Song of the Day is "Paths will Cross." Enjoy!