Friday, June 09, 2006

Hands on a miracle

I used to think that making friends was a matter of gregarious and open manner, and a matter of karma. I have discovered it's mostly karma, and I have been mostly spoiled. Guess who's coming to see me! I hope she's fine, and I'm sure she is. Oh yeah! Denver "rulz." Check it baby, we'z going to see the Rockies in action!

Today's Song of the Day, in honor of my guest, is "Hands on a Miracle" by the Foo. The Foo Fighters, come on now. No one NEEDS a link for that. :)


purplejoolz said...

I love that song! I have used it as a soundtrack on a movie I made of my friend's two year old at the beach. Whenever I hear it I'm transported back to that beautiful day. We flew kites, and paddled in the ocean as if we didn't have a care in the world. Thank you Danni!

Danni said...

Yeah! Glad it gave you a nice thought; I absolutely love their two-disc release, especially the acoustic album. It = wonderful and this song in particular. :)

purplejoolz said...

Totally agree. I'm a huge FooFan tho ;)

Anonymous said...

Best. Picture. Ever.

- L