Monday, June 05, 2006


That's what has become of the Dannielle. I miss my friends, my beautiful friends who care about how I am and, in reciprocity, I care about how they are. Not in a way that you're interested about your great-aunt's aunt's husband, I care that my friends are okay, and not sick and hopefully happy - and if they're not I'll make sure they're okay. We each have our demons, some of us darker and more demonic than others. I am not scared. I was thinking of an ex-lover this week and how it felt to be in his bed. Unfulfilling yet lovely. I was thinking of those times that I hurt myself, hurt others. Today's song is "I Will Follow You into the Dark," by Death Cab for Cutie. I hope my readers are more happy than I this week.


tt said...

It's 6/6/6 today. If the End-of-Days happens today, you'll have other issues to take your mind of any transient sadness. No word if E-o-D happened in the parts of the world that already had their 666 day.

My song of the day: "The End of World as We Know It" - REM

diane s said...

hey, good point TT, so that's why I'm feeling crappy!

Sorry you feel bad Danni; my friends aren't nearby either :( xx