Friday, June 23, 2006

Eat my nummies

B/c I am such a foodie (my new favorite term) these are my picks for nummies for this week:

Halloumi = fucking orgasmic cooking cheese from Cyprus. It's very hard to find, I haven't found anywhere in Denver that carries it yet but it is unbelievably wonderful. I had some at Bristol Farms in Newport Beach and then we bought some to cook. A friend actually did them on skewers with other meats but you can cook it in a pan. It has a more fibrous consistency like tofu without the taste of feet and more like the taste of a first kiss. Find it, try it, love me! Wait, sorry, got carried away.

Mezetta, who makes some of my favorite pre-packaged salad treats is making new (whole clove stuffed) Garlic Olives MARINATED in - get this - brine and Napa Valley Chardonnay. Holy shit they're good; I have quite a few friends who love the gourmet green olives, these are awesome w/out the hassle of blue cheese stuffing.

Smoking Loon Merlot
, a cheap but tasty bottle common in some areas as a nice house red, is a light, nice red to accompany any dinner. I love my chardonnay and if you're serving cold cheese with appetizers like veggies I "suppose" you should serve a white but tempt fate! I dare you. As a poor NOW EMPLOYED I am toasting myself with a nice light glass. I wanted to try some of this Chateauneuf du Pape comme mes amis, c'est trop cher pour cette fille.

Best lunch ever! I had a crab sandwich in Newport Beach with the delovely Shelly from AirFerg I had a traditional broiled crab sandwich that blew away our tiny pea brains, and when picking apart my rich and delicious dish we got the secret! Take sourdough (always best on the West Coast and San Fran, but you can choose a hard white bread, it might even be good with a bagette) and place it open faced on a pan. Baste with butter both sides of each piece of bread. THEN, sprinkle sugar on both pieces of bread. Use a light or lightly seasoned mayo if you choose on top of the sugar; place your cooked crab (we had blue) and place a slice of swiss cheese on each piece of bread. Broil. You will be a happy camper.


shelly said...

i have been telling everyone who will listen about the halloumi. i think this cheese might actually be the "second coming". if you sit down and think about it, it makes perfect sense. who doesn't love cheese? what better way to get people to follow you then with divine cheese. Couple that with the fact that nobody can accuse this cheese of marrying a prostitute. god is a genuis and halloumi is a delicious.

Danni said...

[single tear] Together, Shelly and I will lead you to the promised land...of cheese and divinity!!! I think we could definitely take over the world with this stuff. I have been craving it since I left - each day I imagine some new way I might prepare it, or with what food I might couple the heavenly cheese. Oh, halloumi! Where can I find you?!?

halloumi child said...

oh danni...a wise man once said, "buy it and they will come." you can buy it in bulk online.

texas tom said...

So how much alcohol had you two consumed before discovery of the second coming? I'm very intrigued by the prospect of a delicious new discovery, but I'm trying to decide if I trust your opinions enough to order some. They should sell it locally in Denver and Dallas damn it!

Shelly, have you convinced D to watch "Say Anything" yet? You should have forced it on her while you had her captive out there. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mmm... smoking loon. You can really taste the loon.

- L

Danni said...

It's so loony.

Anonymous said...

you're loony. :)

- L

Danni said...

True dat, shiznitch