Monday, June 26, 2006

Please don't make me do it

This is my friend Dan, cool name, eh? Dan looks like a nice, normal guy but is actually crazy-go-nuts-university. He is going to run TWO marathons in ONE WEEK this fall. The first is the Chicago Marathon on October 22, the second is in D.C. on October 29. Now, I would usually point and laugh at someone for running on purpose, but Dan is running for the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society through their "Team in Training Program." Dan is going to run in honor of Kirsten, a kindergartener from Lincoln who began her battle with cancer last fall. There is a kickin' site where you can donate to Dan's cause and track his progress...and every move. Let's push him over the top of his goal! Just point me in the direction of the celebratory party b/c I know he'll kick ass.

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Dan said...

Thanks Danni!! I'll think about you while i'm running...and I'll be listening to Borderline as I do it! Thanks for your support!

I was at a BBQ last night with our two honored patients Kirsten and Noah. They helped put it all in perspective for me.

Thanks for the donations everyone! Keep em coming! :)