Thursday, January 15, 2009

What should I do now?

Marketing has not been kind to me, nor I to it. I find it ironically isolating and not at all what I wanted to do. Now that I'm unemployed. "I don't know! But you'd better fucking figure it out," as Glynis Johns would say.

Things I've been considering:
  • Companion / home care for the elderly
  • Paralegal
  • Attorney
  • Nurse
  • Fighter pilot*
  • Puppy petter (this must be a job, right?)
  • Sharp shooter (seems cathartic)
*'s blind trophy wife


Brad P. from NJ said...


- Zombie safety consultant
- Professional Drink Review Writer
- Mixologist
- Personal Trainer*
- Professional PodCaster
- Professional PodCaster's Personal Assistant

I think the world simply hasn't learned about all the amazing things that you can do. If you expand that list of yours, I'm pretty sure that you'll find something. Fingers crossed, wood knocked, salt thrown over shoulder... and anything else I can think of...

* for blind fighter pilots' trophy wives

diane s said...

The next David or Amy Sedaris. (Or both).

ps: Hello!