Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm a re-Tool

I'm planning on retooling the Your Mom blog for Your Mom: The Timeout Travels. I'm soliciting ideas about what might be cool and interesting - avoiding those that are an at-home-slide-show type nightmare.

A map? Embedded Flickr collections? Between now and next fall I will be logging something like four months of world travel from Europe, Morocco, Australia and Costa Rica - maybe more if I can find some mission / volunteer trips that aren't so expensive.

If I create a dedicated website & URL will I lose subscribed readers? I am very curious what other bloggers have to say about this. This is hopefully to keep family involved, doing more creative non-fiction writing, possibly the bones of an essay-style book. What would you want out of a blog that isn't trite? I mean, other than me getting kidnapped in a third-world country or having some spectacular injury (come on, you know one to five AT LEAST will happen).

If you have time for an email or better yet, comments I'd love to hear them! I think I've found a friend who might be willing to help me work on the site design.

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Barry Monster said...

hey dork, you still around? it's me Barry aka Bibb from Bibb and Yaz.