Sunday, January 29, 2006

Horse face

Just spent a crazy day packing up the rest of my clothes. I had no idea to what extent I had become a clotheshorse. I would say clothes make up 78.592% of my processions. I have another seven bags of clothes and shoes to donate to my local city mission. My college roommate drove two and a half hours each way to help me sort, organize and prioritize. Yeah for the beautiful Patti! I needed it because quite frankly when it comes to other peoples’ things, she’s very good at management. And, if needed, she will offer to make a “decision” about something while I’m outta the room – taking away my guilt and indecision…as well as the wrinkled sweater I found on a park bench in college, that is too small and has holes but I just can’t bear to part with; oh! And that mesh cowboy hat, I don’t wear it now nor never have but its so cute and someday I might WANT IT, and these platform sandals.... Her rule of thumb - if you have to think about it, it goes.

Things I found today:
  • A “cereal box” for an advanced branding design class, that I created with a (no lie) briefcase handle on the top; Reggio's Italian Biscotti Breakfast by Danni
  • An old purse full of dust, lighters, pens, Altoids and contraceptive jelly
  • 400 shoes, 300 mates
  • a colony of dust bunnies that should be studied
  • Full-length, black and white leopard print skirt
  • Bank card I apparently never missed, subsequently given to Neil to test out the new shredder!
  • A pair of tennis shoes exactly like the ones I wore today to clean out my closet
Tomorrow will be lots of moving clothes outta the house and shipping some. I am still battling the in’s and out’s of my farkin' tax return and can’t seem to come to any kind of understanding. My state return is coming up greater than my federal return! If HSA's are as the Bushmonger says they are, why is it killing my return?!? And why do I have to file HSA in INCOME?!? Its supposed to be a tax-exempt savings account. I had to download information from the IRS Web site. According to Neil, this IRS thingie controls taxes and such, and provides to you outrageously long and complicated instructions, but not ON the form you need to complete, that's a separate document. This post is lame but my brain is mush. I’ve started to drool and rock myself in my chair.


Neil said...

Danni - don't forget about finding that picture of one Sen. Brown... it was a rare pleasure to shred that :)

Danni said...

Ah, i should have scanned pammy's picture first! Holy cow. I can't believe I didn't! Well, it was cathartic to watch you throw that image into your shredder. :)

Lynn Batten said...

More contraceptive jelly!!!

Danni said...

Yes "Lynn Batten," whoever you may be...More random contraceptive jelly applicators found during the moving process. ROFLOL