Sunday, January 28, 2007

Triple whaa?

This week I received in the mail, among newsprint direct mail ads for King Super, glossy Sprint cards, and local restaurant menus, a renewal notice for AAA. In itself a AAA car club notice isn't that exciting but as I opened the letter I was really stunned with disbelief. I purchased the AAA membership when I decided to uproot myself from Lincoln and head southwest toward the Rockies almost ONE YEAR AGO. Has it really been this long since an unemployed, overweight Danni packed up her life and took up residence on Brandon's dining room floor?

It's an odd time for the notice to come because the last couple of weeks have been rife with excessive drinking, relationship changes, and general melancholy. A light has been redirected with the arrival of the notice center stage on me - letting the surrounding props fall away into darkness. I've been thinking about what I've done in the last year and, even more than the cliche New Year's resolutions, I've found myself formulating what the next year should be. I don't want to still be in a going-nowhere relationship and yet I've built a great circle of friends already. Spending my weekend holed up in my apartment isn't how I want to get the next letter, I want to be traveling or rediscovering my new home through cultural events. In any case, I've got one year down, a lifetime to go.

And hey, this new Chinese takeaway joint sounds delish! Two for one on Wednesday yo, holla!

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