Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's like I'm sort of like high all day but not

This past week, on top of everything, I have been afflicted with what I can only describe as “THBF (Too hot bath feeling) Syndrome.” I have been hovering somewhere between getting high and being just dizzy all week. I’ll grant you that the first couple of days, it was sort of amusing. Now, not so much. I did go to the scary urgent care, and yes, I am unendingly grateful on hands and knees to have healthcare again, but got the I-sort-of-care-but-don’t PA. He determined it “might be sinuses, keep doing what you’re doing, what do you think?” I don’t know dude you’re the PA. “But, for now I don’t think you need a neuro exam.” Okay, fine. What is surprising is the random stuff that makes me go all first big drop on a roller coaster, I just left my brain 20 feet above tickly feeling:

  • Using my shoulder to hold a cell phone = BAD. Do not try this especially while driving.
  • Moving head between notes and computer screen. I would liken this to the feeling of just nodding off in church…with a hangover. Oh, remember last night, hottie in the pool hall, jack and diet, whoa, WHOA whoa, WHOOPS, slip, slipping! L-U-R-C-H.
  • Standing up. Seriously, a biatch.
  • Elevators: no longer my mode of transportation. It’s okay the stairs are better for me anyway.
  • Bending over to pull up pants / underpants / tie shoes. I keep thinking of that Seaseme Street where the kid learns to button his own shirt. I’m all, YEAH! I zipped up my OWN PANTS.

…oops, new one – trying to spell check on blogger. Blurgh.


Tony said...

So his suggestion was to keep doing what you're doing. And what you've been doing is feeling weird?

Maybe you should see, like, a real doctor or something.

Danni said...

LOL! Yeah, totally. I have decided not to travel tomorrow to North Platte. I am so sad but since I can't, you know, turn my head or pick things up without blacking out, I figure best not to travel. I may have to bite the bullet and go see the real deal. :P