Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You're cheesing me off so bad right now...

Listen, anonymous new officemates, you're already workin' my last nerve. If there are more than two empty stalls, you DO NOT choose the one immediately next to me. I purposefully chose a stall at the very end to accommodate your endeavor. Yes, indeed I need to rip toots. I am on lots of meds and you accepted risk by getting too close. I have no issues with that. But for goddsake do NOT come sit next to me and drop a S-bomb that would kill an elephant and unleash your nasty old lady tang stank.

Other items still on the Rules List:

  • Wigger: if you're not comfortable walking around casually using the "N" word don't use this. It's offensive and we know what it means.
  • If traffic is busy and I let you in the lane, vigorously give me the "thank you" hand. Acting like this is your god given right and not that someone has done you a favor makes me road rage-alicious.
  • Men, in the presence of women I swear to god if you use the word "tits" referring to someone in the group and present, I may de-pants and junk slap you. It's innapropriate and makes everyone feel really uncomfortable, I don't care how funny you think you're being or that everyone is "cool." This happened this week with my best group of friends and it made me feel all bad.

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