Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I think these chickens are in love

Just to qualify to my wonderful friends at home who are encouraging, supportive and who, I'm sure, are probably feining interest in the mundane things I have to share which can be, at times, frustrating to me:

I love Colorado. I am having a great time and learning how to entertain myself and learning how to reconnect with who I really am. I know that at times I sound negative because I am lonely and frustrated with my lack of employment and activity. Just ignore me. Sometimes I just need to vent and then, after a little time, will recollect myself...usually. Many friends at home and abroad have sent me lovely notes, and as my internet time is so limited right now I am slow to respond. It does me so much good to have such wonderful support - just know that I am grateful for this opportunity, I have faith that I will find a job, and I will at some point have a friend or two here. It's just in my nature to be emotional first, a storyteller second and rational third. *SHOCKS AND OOHS AND AHHH'S* ;) Don't lose your faith or hope in me, I'm not floundering, I'm just blowing off steam. tee hee. blowing.


diane s said...

I totally understand- I always get negative first, and let off steam, then collect myself and get all upbeat and 'this isn't going to beat me' about things...I can never understand people who are immediately positive about setbacks, i always suspect drugs my be involved lol :)

Pirate voices will be a good solace until you find employment and make some new friends ;) Which i know you will!

Danni said...

Argh, arrrrrrrrrgh, arghhhrhghghgh, Avast! Drop thy sword or I shall run thee through! ah, I feel better already!