Friday, March 17, 2006

TEMPorarily insane

I just drove 80 miles roundtrip to go to a temp job, that told me, upon my arrival, they didn't need me anymore! I thought Barb and I were friends, I was even going to send her a thank-you note. Not now! You hear that Barb?!? When you call someone and know they're coming in one hour, you pay that person for their time and effort. [shakes the angry fist] I was actually super sick this morning and went in b/c I didn't want to leave Barb in the lurch, so I managed not to throw up in my car and drove 40 into Northern Denver.

Damn you, Swisslog and your constipated cheesieness!


Mary P. from said...

eff-em up the butt!

Danni said...

I wrote my review last night, it was pretty nasty. I am disappointed in them and I hate being put in an awkward, embarassing situation and THEN being accussed of lying! The Danni does a lot of iffy things, but lying isn't one of them.