Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chris Columbus I ain't

This was the first bike trail I went on, it’s a small, pretty and hilly neighborhood path that runs underneath Meadows Parkway for probably four miles. I admit, on the bike some of the hills made my glutts burn like a gas-soaked bonfire. I got off of the path's end instead of turning around and going back…and got lost on Saturday. I ended up WALKING my bike up 90 degree hills and having to ask some man washing a Mustang if he could help me find my way back. I felt no older than the five year old girl he had running around the lawn. “Excuses me pretty please mister – I lost and I sooooo scared. Help me please!” Then, I went home starving b/c I had been out (lost) FOR TWO HOURS and started a fire in the kitchen. Funniest thing about this walking path? It has a parking lot – and NO BIKE RACK. WTH?

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