Saturday, March 04, 2006

Want some more cheddar...CHEESEman?!?

We spent all afternoon on Friday looking for an apartment in downtown Denver. We finally found something, a little spendy but right off of Cheeseman Park in an area called the Humboldt Street Historic District. That's right - its called Cheeseman Park. I don't know who this "Cheeseman" was but seriously, I might have taken my mother's maiden name. I was so winded and so drained from the altitude that I was huffing, puffing and crawling by the end of the day. It was sunny but cool - and I got sunburn. ON MY FACE. Weather is weird. I also got a wicked ass blister but did talk the gal into holding a second level apartment for us. Its tiny - I think it'll be interesting to see how we consolidate everything. I was vacillating about whether or not to put a deposit down on this apartment. It’s a little overpriced but is very close to the huge park, a bus line and only one mile from New Roomie’s work. The leasing agent (who is, as she mentioned fifteen times, from Louisiana) gave me lots of crap about being unable to decide and I just wanted to say, honey, you can’t bullshit a salesman. Personally, I blame my blinding fear of commitment for being so hesitant about signing this lease…the altitude…and PMS…and the drugs. Lots of drugs. Okay, no drugs, but maybe that’s actually the problem.

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