Thursday, March 30, 2006

Put what up your what?

Tomorrow I have my first real interview here in Denver. I have mixed feelings about this position, some positive, some wary, for several reasons:
a) I am underqualified for this job and knew it when I applied
b) it's a 30 min commute (fucking gag me)
c) the pay will probably make up for the commute (score)
d) it's in a bedroom community
e) the bedroom community makes it somehow less intimidating for a first interview
f) it's in healthcare
g) it's in HOMEOPATHIC healthcare
h) they make stuff you put up your nose including, among many other things, mercurius corrosivus
i) the recurrent use of the word "dilution" on the Web site doesn't make me any less cautious of the use of mercurius corrosivus

I'm just going to go ahead and aim low - I will try not to make any bodily noises during the interview. Or get hives. Yeah, I'll try not to toot or get hives. Bloody hell, I need a manicure!

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Mary P. from said...

I'd say thoes are pretty reasonable goals for the interview. Additionally, because I doubt (but who knows) that you will pass the gas...I think you have the chance of leaving feeling pretty darn good about yourself! :)

and so, How did it go?