Saturday, April 01, 2006

Everything you love is made of petroleum

The first interview on Friday went well, I have one under my belt! In interviews, it is always my goal to start confidently and, I don't know, something happens. I kind of leave my body and enter this Zen-like state where I'm a poised statue. This is "the zone." It's an exhilarating feeling. First, I build up "the danni" as it were and try to get to the point in the conversation where you turn it (high-fives) and the interviewer sells YOU the job or starts using verbiage like, "your job, you will be doing this, etc." If someone really wants you to go to work for them, this is the point when you can get the potential employer to tip their hand. I a-l-m-o-s-t thought I had the lady.

Lady: "Your job will be to..."
Me: Do it, say it, say it! Come on baby, I know you want to say it for Dannielle!
Lady: "Or, your potential job would be to analyze that incoming data..."
Me: Poop!

I had some great questions prepared and that gave us more face-time to discuss. She did actually say in the interview, "I have eight people I am interviewing," (okay, lot's of competition and it's only the first interview) "and they all have their positives and negatives." (in context, this meant my lack of direct to consumer product marketing and years of experience) "There is someone applying who has twenty-years experience with Major Beer Company." (dude, how do I get HIS fucking job) "But, I don't really want to train and hand-hold someone who is older than me, with more experience!" (probably shouldn't mention age discrimination to me IN the interview but whatever)

Mixed - signals. I knew I was underqualified when I applied, and I knew this would come up in the interview and I was prepared for it, but really, you have to bring up someone like THAT! Good reminder that I am playing ball outta my league. The end of the interview became very conversational and that is a good thing, it's just difficult and critical to know exactly when to cut that cord. It was the only time in life that my knowledge of
Arbonne skin-care products has or probably ever will come in handy. I figured a woman into homeopathic medicine would like it...and she did AND it's also a Swiss product. Score one for the danni...maybe I SHOULD be in sales. Lynn and I once attended an Arbonne skin-care products party at the home of a friend. We learned that everything we use in the US is made from some form of crude petroleum and refined by burning it at thousands of degrees, that we will probably all die of cancer, and they sell a product we dubbed, "colon blow."

I am waiting to hear if I will have a second interview with the CEO. I think I have some career ($) potential here. Brand management would be huge for me and help me take another step towards California.

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