Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Come on, ride it! *woot woot*

<-- I am going to see these people and more!!

I've booked my first train tickets, I'll be swingin' home for Easter weekend! I have never ridden a train before so I've been on the phone with Amtrak approximately 18 times so far today asking really ridiculous, grandma-like questions. We tease our parents for being technologically archaic, but I might as well have asked the gal today trains ran on their own power or we had to give it a gettin' ready push b/c I have no idea how the trains work.

Things I've learned about riding trains:

1) You are able to use cell phones as service is available

2) There is a dining car AND a "lounge" car (show me the bar, peeps)

3) You can take your bike but it requires the purchase of a "bike box" and a service fee

4) It will take me as much time to ride the train as it would to drive BUT I can fall asleep on the train and probably not kill anyone
5) Only one train goes in and out of each station each direction (NE or SE) each day, so I will be arriving in Omaha at approx 1000 o'clock in the morning (how much does Lynn love me? hmmm...)
6) It's pretty danged cheap


Anonymous said...

Yeah- I'll pick your ass up. BTW- that photo makes it looks like Neil was nesting in my hair.


Danni said...

Was he not?

texas tom said...

When I was in college (back during the Eisenhower administration for those who are curious), my brother rode the train from Denver to Lincoln to visit my sister and me. He was supposed to call us when he got to Lincoln. He slept through that stop, but thankfully woke up in Omaha. We had to burn a couple hours going to pick him up, but at least he got his beauty sleep.

That is a great picture! Lynn looks cute as a button and Neil is freaking me out in some indeterminate manner. I may not be able to define "art", but I know it when I see it. :-)

Danni said...

Christ, watch me end up in Peoria or something. Okay, new plan: Danni gets a battery operated alarm clock for bag, one for the phone, to go off one after another so that I don't end up in the North Atlantic or something. My fear is compounded by the fact that I am going to have to take dramamine before I get on the train and that stuff will knock you on your kiester. Interesting. Well, after Hastings my phone should work...I'll be sure to call Lynn and check in?!? ACK!