Monday, April 10, 2006

My first outing

Tonight I am going to play pool with a gal from Denver. I am very excited b/c a: I'm leaving the house and it's not just to go to the park or the grocery store and b: we're going to play pool. My pool skillz is rusty yo and I'm never going to be able to shark anyone that way. Sheeet. Updates to come.

I have been soaking up as much sun as I can stand b/c I want to be all goldeny when I get home. Yes, I am wearing my Copertone 45, but I still can brown even with that. It's windy outside and even though I have an interview tomorrow to prepare for, I am content right now to take a nap. :)


diane s said...

lots of luck for the interview!

hope you had fun last night...can you believe I've never played pool and don't know how?! (sheltered life or what??!!)

Danni said...

Diane, this is it, at some point in the distant future I will come to England to learn you up and that is SO not fair putting such an adorable picture up! :)

diane s said...

oh i look forward to it Dannielle! :)

good at typing for my age aren't i?! as you can see i've always liked my food lol! :) xx

Danni said...

I need some hangover food right - now. [blinks like Bewitched, nothing happens]

diane s said...

no, blinks like Jeannie- Bewitched was the impossible nose twitch! :)

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