Saturday, April 29, 2006


The Nuggets, or "Nugs", got spanked, like 100 to 86. Hey, I got some inflatable "thunder sticks" out of the deal. Brought to you by Dodge. This was a big game because the Nuggets had been playing well and had beaten the LA Clippers in at least one game in the playoff series. A throw-down pre-game show featured, are you ready for this: Jimmy Ibbotson of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band fame singing the national anthem AND accompanying HIMSELF...on the banjo. *single tear*

It was fucking weird. I am telling you, Colorado fans boo EVERYTHING, even if the other team just had the ball. Some handsome guy had arranged for his girlfriend to be selected for a fake blindfolded shooting contest on the court for a novelty proposal. The mascot, Rocky the Cougar or something was hamming it up with the dude and was kind of orchestrating the whole thing, holding his jacket as well as the ring box. While she was shooting w/out seeing, her boyfriend got behind her on one knee and then they took the blindfold off and turned her around. She FREAKED OUT and tried to run off of the court (as if to say, I might venture, No, thank you) to the opposite end and get at the corner of the floor but was blocked by courtside seats and the media. The whole time she looks like her puppy has been shot in front of her and is clutching her mouth. She then has to turn and run sideways down the court, towards the seats. And she's wearing a handkerchief top and a mini skirt which is not aiding her escape. And yes, you can rest assured that when the shock and horror of watching a train wreck in front of them ended, the Colorado fans booed the poor woman as well.

People around us quickly dissected the situation, giving empathy to the man (I might add wearing black dress slacks and a sleeveless black undershirt) and condemning the woman. Someone said that etiquette would dictate that she say yes in public and tell him the truthful news later. I don't think this is the case, but I wasn't sure why and I felt badly for her. Not only was this probably the end of their relationship, she had to stand up for herself and do the painful, torturous task and run away in front of thousands upon thousands of people. I have been thinking it over and I truly believe a) he had probably done something bad and this was a make-up for it b/c b) if you don't want to be turned down in public, don't propose in public and c) everyone was going to have hurt feelings, but I hated the fact that so many people commented about how much he had paid for the set-up. You can't put a price on a woman's happiness like that. Hey, he spent 2K to get a stuffed cat to hold the engagement ring and blindfold her, she HAS to marry him now. I hope they are both okay tonight, I say, you go girl! Literally, go, go, run away from the sporty man.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that shit. I'd marry the cougar.

- Lynn

Danni said...

I think that the Cougar should have just hauled out, punched the guy in the face and then pointed to him and laughed and then gave "hoop it up" arms to the crowd to get them to laugh too.