Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grant me Grace

Dannielle's Song of the Morning: "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley, from his irrerasable album Grace. A sweet, soft and spiritual kick-off to the WEEK OF THE DANNI! check it.


Ferg said...

How about some props from the man who wrote the fargin song - Leonard Cohen (who, incidentally sings the song Chelsae Hotel No. 2 which I sent you this week)...I'd advise you to check out the original version by the man himself.

Danni said...

If you check out the comment's from Anthony's podcast this week he put up a YouTube video of J. Buckley playing the song, and HE gives props to both Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone, who also sang the song. This version is beautiful and has special meaning to me. Plus, not long after this Jeff Buckley drowned, I sense in his version that somehow he understood in a strange way his imminent and early demise.

diane s said...

I love this song, especially the KD lang version. MUST listen to some Jeff Buckley! x