Friday, April 28, 2006

Song of the Morning

Inspired by my late-night dump note, Danni's Song of the Morning is "Running Out of Fools" by the lovely Neko Case. Imagine me wandering around in manner of NYPD blue, dark lighting, me wearing angular make-up and just-so tousled hair of the romantically oppressed. It's not meant for this Tinkerbell, but my feelings in general. Enjoy. :)


AfP said...

Neko Case: did'nt know, cool voice.

Danni said...

haunting. You should hear it live in the basement of some fricking auditorium in Omaha I can't remember b/c I'm loaded. It's the Sokel Auditorium, and she was so wonderful and haunting. Now I hear it when i'm sad.