Thursday, April 20, 2006

This week:

  • Am reminded about the fuckwittage of old bachelor boys
  • Sold credit cards at a pro-baseball game
  • Got to see Coors field
  • Saw two lipsticks making out, it was really sweet
  • Have had zero units of alcohol since Friday night, well, okay, Sunday afternoon...Lynn :)
  • Someone asked me if I were, "There from the modeling agency..."
  • Have increased freckle population by approximately 1,000,000
  • Made a lean roast beef wrap (holy crap do I miss red meat! It is so delicious)
  • Started listening to: The Onion podcast and the BBC Radio News podcast (is v. brilliant)
  • Have played ZERO games of pool! Am going through withdrawal
  • Came to the realization that we aren't unpacking b/c the apartment sucks so badly, no one wants to stay
  • Ate two Snickers eggs (best candy ever made by humans)
  • Had a crazy-ass dream involving an airport, a wedding of a young family friend and a sobbing ex waiting in the choir nook

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