Sunday, February 26, 2006


02/25/06, 02:14
This was my thought process this afternoon:
Gotta get outta the house, will have to ride my bike
Got keys? Yes, make sure I have a bike lock key
Got keys? Yes, have house keys
Got keys? Must have car keys to get the bike lock outta the trunk
On road to mall
Oh, fuck! Left bike lock in the trunk of car back home
At the mall
Can’t believe I left my bike lock in the trunk back home
Yeah, so, stare at me! People wearing North Face but looking like they’ve never seen someone ride an actual bike in their life

18 fucking outdoorsy stores and no one carries a fricking water bottle for a bike
I'll ride my bike back home and get the lock and ride down for a soda or ride over to the walking trails, lock it up and then get some fresh air
On the way home
Oh…yeah, um, car isn’t there anyway, its, its at Goodyear.
I’m retarded. DOH!

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