Friday, February 24, 2006

View from my Coloradan window

Coloradan window? Coloradinite view? I have no idea...what's the pronunciation on that one? Nemises. Anyway, this is the view from my new temporary digs in Castle Rock. Beautiful, non? What this doesn't show is the melting off of my face. Castle Rock is actually a little higher in altitutude that Denver, and the sun feels SO DIFFERENTLY. Its kinda like going to Phoenix in the rainy Nebraska spring. The sun is so - much - more intense. Upon arrival I thought I'd get out of the car and look like the Joker (its like the touch of god but wait, fortune smiles, today for you is wine and roses, or in your case, beer and pizza). One half of my face smiling, the other droopy and disfigured and melty. To the right of this photograph, or rather to the southeast is the massive Outlet Mall. I perused the mall's parking lot today, having done nothing yesterday but sleep and drive to Panera's. It looks like dangerous fun. I am going to avoid at all costs, maybe right before I leave.

I am tooling around today learning the roads and streets, but Castle Rock is a tiny, quaint place and I think it will be easy for me to learn to get around. I had to go to EvilMart to get some cheap mouth wash and shower caps (its weird the things you miss packing) and I have to say - I am having a harder time than I thought I would adjusting to the altitude. I keep waking up at night doing a snort/snore/gasp thing that rocks me awake. I feel all squeezy inside.


bpende said...

Higher than Denver?

Is that what John Denver was singing about?

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble adjusting... I hope that your respiratory thing doesn't kick in as you adjust. Bizarre how we all live on this planet, and yet there's so many freaky different environments.

I have decided that I'm holding out for whatever burger it was that Shelly bought me. I don't think that any other burger will be quite the same... damn it, what was the name of that burger place.

diane s said...

that's a gorgeous view...I know you'll be ok, the first week somewhere new is always weird, I hope you can have a cocktail or two to ease the transition!?

heaps of luck,
SHSN xxx

Danni said...

Brad, for the love of god Shelly got you an In and Out Burger! Far away amazing! Its totally in a different class - its like comparing apples to oranges to try to compare an In and Out Burger cheeseburger (animal style or otherwise) to Runza. Its just not scientifically feasible. I am getting a cold but doing my best to get back into shape, cut out the cheeseburgers. I am eating cream cheese this morning, though. :)

I am in Castle Rock, which is higher than Denver. I need a frickin' cocktail, but I'm living in an empty bachelor pad (we did buy a few groceries) and have like the choice of the diet coke I brough, water or make some coffee. I could use a stiff frickin' Jack and Diet right about now...! Oh, it didn't appear. Diane, hope all is well, my lappy is finicky so I don't always get much time on it before the monitor wigs out. I will catch up on your blog soon. Thanks for the notes - I love them! I am v. lonely on my own, New Roommate is in Denver most of the time. And we'll be moving again soon.

purplejoolz said...

Hey Danni, I hadn't quite appreciated that your move was going to be so monumental from what you said on the show. Did I miss something or were you playing it down? I'm so pleased you decided to start a blog, which Neil put a link to on the Borderline website.
You're a brave girl and I really hope it works out for you. I know Lynn and Neil are going to miss you terribly and I'm really looking forward to hearing you guys when you can do a show that's publishable!

Anyhow, just to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping you can settle in quickly and find what you're looking for soon.

Best of luck from one of your dedicated UK listeners!

Danni said...

Oh, Purplejoolz! So many lovely words. I firmly believe that this will be a great move and that we will still do a great show. Its just something I had to do. If I played it down on the show it was mostly b/c the mention of Colorado tended to earn me a punch...from Lynn. And as my seat in the studio was between Lynn and Neil - there was NO HIDING. We have nothing but love for one another and I am confident that we will stay a tight-knit show and as they haven't gotten rid of me yet, loving friends as well.