Sunday, February 26, 2006

Of COURSE it works for them!

02/25/06, night

Garage: Sorry we were supposed to call you back eight hours ago.
Me: yeah, me too
Garage: So, um, after like eight hours of tests we can't find the problem.
Me: somebody better come over here and pick me up.
Garage: the "trick" is to start it, stop, and start it again quickly garbledeegookshmeebork vaccuum electricalstuff bring it back in. blah blah blah, we aren't charging you.
Me: Well, um, cool...I guess. hope it doesn't shut off on the interstate for goodnessake.


purplejoolz said...

Danni, this is a challenge. You can get through this...!

Anonymous said...

Danni, good luck in Colorado. I'm proud of you for making a move. Pat

purplejoolz said...

Hey is that anonymous from This 'n' That?

Danni said...

Anonymous but Lovely Pat, thank you very much. FYI, I owe you an email b/c my old Road Runner email address is no longer applicable as of midnight tonite.

Purplejoolz, wuz up?!? Thanks and many hugs for the encouragement. Today is a day of job hunting and I have at least one interview for professional staffing services set up so that's a start! This blog is proving to be very cathartic if not readable. :P