Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dannielle - has - arrived

I am sitting in a Panera's Bread in Highland Ranch, Colorado, just north about 15 mi from my new temporary digs in Castle Rock. The little town of Castle Rock is just beautiful. I am going to do my best to upload some photo soon. Yesterday, having gotten only about two hours of sleep I left from Valley, Nebraska and drove the 700 or so miles to Castle Rock. The drive was, well, kind of a bitch. There is a strong front moving in from the west and my car struggled again the BA wind. Neil and I did an excellent job securing the bike and I even left myself a little bit of rear view but the benefit of driving oneself is that you are in control of any and all potty, pop, gas, stretching or junk food breaks. Its wonderful and breaks up the drive.

On my stop in Ogallala, NE, I had one last Runza swiss cheese mushroom burger. If you've never had Runza food - I pity you. Its amazing. It started with a little German grandmother making a regional German dish - the Runza, a stinky bread sandwich baked and filled with onions, ground beef and cabbage. I love their cheeseburgers and I swear the stars aligned and forces of charma said, "Dannielle, we will miss you. Please, let us make you the best swiss cheese mushroom burger ever." It was PERFECT. Hot, fresh, the bun wasn't smushy, lots of mushrooms, the cheese was melted but not molten or nasty, the hamburger - perfection. It was wonderful, and with that and a short drive, I crossed the Colorado/Nebraska border. Coming upon Denver, the mountains coming into view in the distance, I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was at the point in a drive when you just want to be done, the fun has worn off and the caffeine and you just want to go - and suddenly, I was perfectly happy and everything was wonderful.

Brandon and I unloaded my car and by 4:30 I was having dinner. It was a scary last week and I have no credit to take for myself, its the love of my amazing friends and family that have kept me afloat. I am going to finish my soup and there will be more to come later. Pardon my horrific spelling.


Neil said...

Aha! So you were able to find the Panera from my transcribed Google Map directions? Congrats.

Miss you :(

Danni said...

I miss you too Nee Nee. :( But congrats on the love seat! Yeah for love seating! I DID in fact use your wonderful phone directions and I made my 20 minute drive, on the interstate, in the dark down to Panera! I am working right now in the Castle Rock city library. Also, I smell like onions b/c I stopped and ate lunch at Sonic. Don't judge me! Their cheeseburgers are wonderful!

Owner said...

Runza, Sonic... I'm beginning to see a pattern. Cheeseburgers helping combat move-related anxiety? ;)

We ate at Sonic today too. Chicken pox girl got it as a reward. She insisted on a slush as well.

Danni said...

God love raspberry limeaide! Cheeseburgers do, in fact, keep me sane. :)