Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moving out of the apartment day, hour #8

Why do I have SO MUCH CRAP!??!? It might never, ever end. Thanks be b/c its an absolutely beautiful, wonderful, warm day outside. The sunshine is making me less homocidal and more, well, less homocidal. I am trying to get everything moved, and packed and I KEEP FINDING THINGS. Damn box of Christmas decor which has not been opened since I moved in here and can't throw away b/c maybe someday I'll be a grownup and actually put out Christmas things. I can't seem to make myself pack up the compy. My beloved compy, then it will be silence for the Dannielle, except for the cell phone, and only for like 2 hours until I go to my parents house.

Okay, I'm off to haul more crap off to the storage unit. Blech! However, the pink, old flannel blanket hanging over my windows for two years has come down, now I remember why I put it up - its 12 square feet of glass! oh yeah, and I'm too lazy for curtains. I bet my new roommate will be excited to see the pink blanket moved to Colorado.

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bpende said...

We have a number of blankets used to keep the windows dark here. We've got two young boys who wake at the first possible twinkle of morning sun, so there's no other ooption than those hotel curtains. Pink fuzzy blankets work just as well.