Sunday, May 21, 2006

$20k for Americans

We just got done with our much anticipated "Scary movie night" here at the D-dawg & Roommate pad. I admit, I was stoned on TheraFlu for much of the duration, but we watched honestly two lame-ass movies. The first movie was "Wolf Creek," an Australian flick based on the alleged true-life event of three young backpackers and those who came (and went, alack) before them. It was okay, usually I prefer the based-on-a-real-story type thrillers, whereas this was meh, okay. I have a ringing in my ear that's infected such that I have an actual ECHO in my own ear! This makes screaming and high-pitched minor notes on the violin much more intense. Plus, that made it impossible for me to understand the Australians. Fortunately - not much talky talky. This movie was okay, I would give it 100 out of 1000 stars.

The next movie, the much ballyhooed "Hostel" starring Jay Hernandez had something I felt like the first movie lacked - a triumphant end. However, the first forty minutes of the film were honestly just porn. So I can imagine that high school to thirty-something guys got into it. So much t & a I felt like I should actually HAVE penis to be watching it, you know, as a pre-req. Honestly, I kind of wanted to see all three get a good axing, they were kind of pigs! Two of the three mains characters disappear pretty quickly after the porn fantasy ends and Hernandez, as "Paxton" is able to escape (albeit w/quite some difficulty) only to run into the bad guy down the line... and SHAZAM! Comeuppance! He's a man on the edge! Forgetting, of course, that he would have been in shock hours and hours prior to this and probably would have bled out and died. At least let the man give himself a tourniquet. I had been excited b/c I had heard this movie was really scary. Sources say: icky and lame. I give it 20 stars and a Pepto-Bismol.


Anonymous said...

I hope mr roomate is looking after you Dannielle & you have'nt been inspired to do a 'hostel' on him!
'Rick Steve's Europe' sounds good, travel shows are cool.
Even better when it is from a personal perspective.
There was this one I used to watch back in England, the name escapes me but in one of the series the presenter travelled all round the USA & at the end of each day he would summarize in 'dear diary' fashion just like blogging I suppose-except most bloggers are at home & 'travel' inside their heads (excluding the corporate ones of course who travel inside their wallets) Anyway, I remember this show being fascinating- confirming my wish to visit the US. It's funny, the more I communicate with you americans- the less I tolerate bandwagon yank-bashing. Get well soon,Danni for president!

Danni said...

The thing about traveling the United States is that is really is enormous. Thus, the diversity of people is so great it's kind of like multi-country travel. Are you sure you were watching a travel show w/ a dear diary ending, or was it actually "Doogie Howswer, MD"? I would enjoy getting your tolerance of yankbashing down to like 10%. The US is wonderful to visit, Ontario, California isn't the greatest, but...