Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We all feel this way sometimes

Oh yeah, I'm taking it there. [makes rock n' roll hand sign, tongue out] Today's Song of the Day is "Soulshine" by Gov't Mule. And yes, I've seen them live and yes, it was for a boy. BUT, they were actually very cool and I had a great time. I feel like I need this song today.


diane s said...

I'm going to invent some kind of a stick to keep my chins up at all times- will let you sample the prototype if ya like.

In the UK, there's an expression, meaning 'stay cheerful': keep your pecker up. I KNOW that's rude and hilarious to Americans! xx

Danni said...

Ha! That is so naughty! Plus, I don't have a pecker to keep erect. I would DEFINITELY like to sample this chin stick, sign me up for the study please. I would love to be a gunea pig ;)