Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Random Rundown

  • Last night at the tavern someone put a cigarette out on my hand, was a fantastic blister pop this morning. Quite impressive.
  • My annoying, pipsqueek of a "boss" got fired, thus relieving me of Rockies evil credit card duty. Hazah! Oh wait, now I have nothing nothing.
  • I found Lynn's Bon Jovi Greatest hits album in my iTunes library, I love finding random shit like that. Lay your hands on me!
  • This week I satisfied my 1x/2 years craving for Long John Silvers. Fish planks - it's both a pose, and a food, and a wooden walkway!
  • This week a bird bath / planter showed up in my living room.
  • On a mountain trail run on Saturday I encountered a swarm of bees on a narrow path; ran like hell and had no stings. They must have sense my awesomeness.
  • Grey's Anatomy was so, so good except for the putting down of the dog; I sobbed like a little bitch. If you don't watch this show, you're a Class-A nerd.
  • Learned how to download a new screen saver for my phone in manner of a nanna. Got "Classic Mickey" b/c I panicked and hit "buy."


Lynn said...

Okay - why do we have to specify that it was MY Bon Jovi cd?!?! Fine. God. Secret is out. Lynn has a Bon Jovi CD. There was a point in which I was really digging "You Give Love A Bad Name" - so sue me. I think I bought a Guns N Roses CD on that same day. :) Ahhhhh......the sounds of my youth - my sweet fleeting youth.

tt said...

The lyrical genius of Bon Jovi speaks for itself. It must have taken months to come up with the words for "You Give Love a Bad Name". ;-) I used to respect your opinion on music Lynn. Now the grain of salt has taken a seat next to you.