Saturday, May 13, 2006

"I make poor choices"

I haven't been making an accurate account of my life in the last couple of weeks. As much as I want this blog to always be honest, even of the things about me that are ugly or painful, some things are just too personal to give up. On the upshot, my pool game is at an all-time kick ass and I'm playing really well and I have made some really cool friends here in Denver. Today's Song of the Day is "Somebody I used to know" by the late, great Elliott Smith. For those of us with bruised feelings and a tender heart, this song is a beautiful fuck you to those we've mistakenly allowed near us. Is it time to go to Mexico yet?


tt said...

Feel free to swing through Dallas on your way back from Mexico. I could use some good weeeeeeed.

Danni said...

Don't worry, I'll hook it up for you. :)