Thursday, May 18, 2006

If you love fast food, stop here

In college I read a book called, "Fast Food Nation" for a philosophy of modern issues class. Written by journalist Eric Schlosser in fact-style writing, this book is a time-traveling look at the fast food industry and those built up around the rise of a Fast Food Nation. This includes the realities of today's industrial environment including the use and abuse of immigrant labor, animal treatment and welfare, and the safety of the food millions consume each day. I happened to see that they have made a movie of this amazing, muck-raker style book called Fast Food Nation - The Movie based on Schlosser's work and stars one of my favs, the delicious Greg Kinnear. It's a featured video today on YouTube, check it out. Honestly, this book is moving, I read the book, millions have read the book, but I never stopped eating fast food. What does that say about us?


Anonymous said...

Groovy baby, I need to get a copy of that- to read next time I'm at macky D's or listening to my Bon jovi greatest hits cd.


diane s said...

I haven't had the guts to read it since hearing about the shit in the meat (literally) looks good though! x

Danni said...

Yeah, dammit! I think I'm going to grab Gary, que up "Bed of Roses" and get some Chicky McNuggets. Hazah!