Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We rarely practice discern

Fitting for today's issues, this is a groovy little diddy by Spoon. "The Way We Get By" is today's Song of the Day.


Anonymous said...

Okay - why do we have to specify that it was MY Bon Jovi cd?!?! Fine. God. Secret is out. Lynn has a Bon Jovi CD. There was a point in which I was really digging "You Give Love A Bad Name" - so sue me. I think I bought a Guns N Roses CD on that same day. :) Ahhhhh......the sounds of my youth - my sweet fleeting youth.

- L

Anonymous said...

GOD DAMMIT!!! I posted my rant on the wrong blog entry. Son of a bitch. Ack! Forget it. Screw this. I'm going home.


Danni said...

Ha ha! not only is lynn clearly in love with jon bon jovi, she doesn't read blog entries properly. :) Much love, my bff. (((kiss))) I moved your comment up.