Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Omaha-ns, Lee Terry Eviscerated on The Colbert Report

I got a desperate yet excited phone call from my sister yesterday, declaring that Nebraska's 2nd Congressional Rep., the asshat Republican Lee Terry, was on The Colbert Report. This hits home in a few ways - as obviously, I am FROM Nebraska's second district, Lee Terry lives in Valley, where my parents, Lynnie and Terry's caustic, hateful bitch-ass wife reside, Omaha Steaks owner Kathy Simons was my high school mentor (see the CC story) and as I've stated before - I love Stephen Colbert. In my desperation to find this video clip I stumbled upon a delicious New Nebraskan blog entry about the interview. You can view the clip on the Comedy Central Web site, but I could only hear that audio b/c of my danged old compy. This is a hilarious look at where we grew up, and our douchebag Congressional representative. I am trying to find the original broadcast date, I believe that it's May 10 if you want to download it from iTunes.

So much funny, brain...overheating...

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tt said...

I record every new Daily Show and Colbert Report on my dvr. So I saw the Terry piece. I was a little disappointed in Colbert. I guess my expectations are too high for him these days. He did way too much "why are people from Omaha so good at packing beef?" type humor. The other Omaha and Nebraska stuff was amusing though. It was nice to finally see a Nebraska district on his better know a district series.

I'm Sarpy county-bound tomorrow morning!