Monday, May 22, 2006

Little Miss Evil's got a way with people

This next song really doesn't have anything to do with anything except my BFF loves it and so it makes me think of her. Today's Song of the Day is "Forget My Name" by Danko Jones. Rock n' roll, Lynnie. I probably will in fact burn in hell with you. ;)


Anonymous said...

Go Danko Jones, Go! He is a fine example of one of the good things to come out of Canada. Unlike stupid Chad Kroeger and Nickelback. God, I just want to punch that guy in the face. I don't really know why. He just rubs me the wrong way. Stupid Nickelback. To recap: Danko- Yes. Kroeger -NO!! Canada - maybe.

Danni said...

LMAO. I think Canada has some extra credit to do! Hey, maybe Kids in the Hall counts...or the Red Green Show. I'll be honest - that's all the Canadian programming I've ever seen except the made for TV series of Anne of Green Gables. Ooooohhhh, surrrree.