Sunday, May 21, 2006


I have pissed off the disease gods. I am at home with pink eye (both eyes), sinus and ear infections (both of the them), and a UTI. I just made myself walk down to Panera for some Greek salad goodness and get off of the couch for the first time in approx. 3 days. I have been showering twice a day, so I wasn't too terribly stinky. I hate not having health insurance, it cost me $100 just to get antibiotics for the UTI and I'm just going to try to wait out the others. So I'm crusty and squinty and have to refill another prescription, which will cost me another billion dollars or so. I guess I am going to walk myself down to the pharmacy. I was trying to explain to my neighborhood clinic that I couldn't afford to go back to another doctor to get a scrip for eye drops, and I almost started crying. It was that terrible feeling when you're sick, and you can't be rational or make decisions, and I just wanted my mommy. I have lots of nice friends here, but my roommate was gone and others were busy - and it felt v. lonely to be sick and by myself. I am anxious about the wedding we have to shoot this weekend, but will be happy for some hugs and maybe some home cooking. Blech, my ears hurt!


diane s said...

Aww, get well soon, Danni!

Your healthcare system sucks :(
Here a scrip is about £7, and mine are FREE! Hmm, perhaps I should set up an import-export business... x

Danni said...

[dreamy sigh] I would that prescriptions were so little. I am ready to take a trip to Mexico or Canada and load up for the year. My ears hurt so badly! I can't really afford to go back to the doc to have the whole sinus/ear thing checked out. I feel really defenseless. I might have to find a low-cost clinic and try to get something checked out. Keep waiting to wake up and be all better. Combined with slasher horror night, I didn't sleep much :P