Wednesday, May 03, 2006

V. brilliant site for the birds and lads

I have just discovered a Web site that might, in fact, change my life. No more saying, "WTH does knackered mean?!? Please, tell me the word in American." Now, I can just look it up! This shall change all my correspondence with my beautiful UK blog readers and show listeners. One thing in particular has struck me and that is how MANY words the English have for idiot! Here is my English to American word of the Day , I believe that actually Superhot Supernanny gave us this word once.

whip round n. "A whip round is a collection of money - usually a somewhat impromptu and informal one. You might have a whip round for Big Mike's bus-fare home but you probably wouldn't have one for his triple heart bypass." I don't agree with their translation to American, I would think they would use a verb and "chip in" or "take up a collection" California someone might ask for some "fundage."


diane s said...

hey, that's me! :)

darn it, now i can't foil you with my crazy sayings...;) xx

Anonymous said...

Having my afters, I spilled spotted dick down the front of my stonking plus-fours and made a higgledy-piggledy dog's breakfast of everything.


diane s said...

oh lynny, that's pants...hope you don't feel too much of a nincompoop, you daft 'aporth ;) x

Anonymous said...

Damn it! Speaking English-English is hard! :)


ps- superhot suppernanny rocks!!