Thursday, May 25, 2006

Eyes and teeth, eyes and teeth

I am trying to get ready for a big job interview. A) I knicked myself shaving and had to the toilet paper graft to stop the bleeding from an unnoticed bug bite that got sliced off B) I still sound like a 13 year old boy C) I smell like a giant HALLS cough drop D) this is in the "Denver Tech Center," it's possible I may never find my way out. Please friends, send me positive vibes! :)


Anonymous said...

Bonne Chance! Good luck! & all that positive stuff Danni.


ps: Terry does look like an asshat & Colbert is the top banana.

diane s said...

Lots of luck! x

Danni said...

Interview = AWESOME. Let's all cross our fingers and toes and eyes in hopes of job offer or at least second interview. We are to meet for coffee next week mid-town. Oooo la la.

diane s said...

ooh! yes! come on, interview!!